07 April 2014


Hey Beauties!

I have something delicious to share with you. Being busy wife's and moms, we are always looking for a way to create new dishes for our families. One of my favorite things to do is cook for my husband and plan a date night in. So I was really intrigued when I came across a cool website, and just had to check it out and I'm so glad I did!
Each week Plated.com offers 7 chef-designed recipes. They offer 4 healthy meat and fish options, and 3 unique vegetarian options. You can order whichever meals you want, and the ingredients arrive fresh at your door. How cool is that?! It also comes with step by step recipe cards so you can prepare your meal perfectly!

I think the convenience of having food portioned out and delivered is really nice, and will be perfect when I want to plan a date night in and cook a nice meal for my husband. I also think Plated would be a fun experience to cook with your partner on date night since everything is ready for you to prepare. It looks like it will be quick and easy to prepare, but gourmet at the same time. 

Plated looks like it's an awesome service. Who do I think needs to try this fabulous program? I think it's great for anyone who has never had an interest in cooking, or if you love to cook like me. I'm looking forward to trying all the delicious meals they offer! 

If you what to learn more about Plated read more here! 
Also, if you decide to place an order I have a sweet discount for you courtesy of the nice folks at Plated. At check out enter code SharkPlated30 for a 30% discount!

Happy cooking and Bon appetit!
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