01 July 2013

Khroma Beauty Au Natural Lip Set - In The Nude

Hello Beauties!
I caved the other day and picked up the Khroma Beauty Au Natural Nude Lip Set at Ulta.
The set comes with everything you’ll need for “the perfect nude lip”. A lipgloss, lipliner and lipstick 2-in-1. 

Scent: Honey
Just as the package states these three products are pre-matched for flesh-toned perfection.  They are exactly the same color. The color is a peachy nude and is very pretty.  I don’t have any complaints with the lip liner.  The lipstick made my lips so dry. YUK, I hated that.  The lip gloss has the worst scent I have ever experienced in a gloss.  It does not smell like honey at all.  I can't even describe the scent.  It is just awful!  It's so horrible that I will never use this lip gloss again.  :(
I'm so disappointed because I was really looking forward to trying out this line. Saying that this is geared towards Kim's signature nude lip look, you would think they would have put more effort into this product.  So not the case.

I highly recommend avoiding this product if your lips are prone to dryness as this will take the moisture right out of them.

Overall, it just seems the quality of this product is cheap.  I say Loreal is far superior to Khroma!   Hopefully, at some point they'll improve the quality, and that awful scented gloss.

Sorry to say, but everything about this product was a huge let down. Don't waste your money!

The product mentioned in this post was purchased by me with my own money, and all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. oh wow! that's REALLY ashame, because the color is so beautiful. odor and dryness! NOT GOOD!

  2. Stinks that this sucked so much! I'm secretly boycotting this line LOL

  3. That sucks because it looks like such a nice color! Honey smells are either hit or miss and I guess this is a miss! Great Post xx Rena

    Kiss and Make Up

  4. Love it! Such a gorgeous nude colour!

    Belle Epoque

  5. Thanks for the follow lovely, have followed you back. Looking forward to reading your posts! xxx