05 June 2013

b.liv by Cellnique Skincare Line Review

Hello Beauties!
I was kindly asked to review b.liv (pronounced Believe) products by Cellnique. This company is based in Singapore but offers free worldwide shipping! They have a whole line of skin care products that cater to different skin types and different skin problems. They have six lines of products, (large pores, blackheads, blemish/acne, dry, sensitive, and youth preserving) and offer multiple products to choose from in each line.

I love the packaging for all the products I received.  The pumps are great because it's sanitary and you can control the amount of product you want to dispense.  This line is cruelty-free, but they are not made with natural ingredients, nor are they paraben free.
off with those heads: blackhead sebum gel
Say goodbye to painful squeezing! This light cooling gel promises to easily remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days of daily application. It keeps excessive oil secretion under control while preventing future irritation and breakouts.
Best for oily skin with blackheads and whiteheads (all ages)
    • Removes blackheads and whiteheads 
    • Keeps acne under control 
    • Controls oil 
    • Unclogs pores 
    • Provides a gentle exfoliation 
    • Has soothing and hydrating properties
    dump off drawn: youth preserving serum
    DUMP OFF DRAWN is the ultimate antidote to urban life’s draining effects on your skin. It energizes, brightens and firms your complexion quickly. Armed with power-boosting ingredients, Resveratrol and Soy Isoflavone, it prolongs your skin’s youthful looks. Who doesn't want to look young and vibrant all day long?!

    Helps treat skin concerns such as:
    • Dullness, mild pigmentation spots, or uneven skin tone
    • Dryness
    • Visible pores
    • Slightly loosened skin, or mild fine lines
    • Less refined skin texture 
    Best for all skin types, ages 25 years old and above
      •Fights the signs of aging
      •Contributes to long-term skin revitalization
      •Re-energizes your skin so that you look and feel younger
      •Eliminates drawn features, dullness and sallow complexion
      •Improves skin elasticity and restores skin radiance
      glow and shine: exfoliating mask
      Reveal your smooth and flawless complexion with this scrub mask. Glow and Shine deeply cleanses, polishes and moisturizes your skin. It also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven skin tone and brings out the inner glow and shine. Scrub away flaws and imperfections!
      For all skin types and all ages
        • Whitens and lightens skin
        • Exfoliates & unclogs pores
        • Minimizes the look of pores
        • Controls oil
        • Fades scars
        • Keeps acne under control
        i'm wrinkle eraser: fades wrinkles and improves the skin's elasticity around the eyes
        Injections, surgical, harsh and expensive treatments - these are the things that women over 35 DON’T need to do to fade wrinkles and firm up the skin around the eye-area. I’m Wrinkle Eraser uses Apple S.Cells for their well known ability to make up for the cells that die during the aging process. Other key ingredients come to aid damaged cells and improve the skin’s elasticity. Make a pact with I’m Wrinkle Eraser and you’ll give back what you don’t need anymore, years off your face!
          Fades wrinkles + improves elasticity
          • Lightens deep & crow's feet wrinkles
          • Lifts-up droopy eye lids 
          • Improves the elasticity of the skin
          • Prevents hollow under eyes 
          • Hydrates the skin
          • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formulation
          knock off age: Caviar nourishing mask 100% pure siberian caviar extract
          This masks gradually fades away all signs of dermal age and decay thus promoting a hydrated, silky- smooth skin. Knock Off Age pampers skin cells with a luxurious Caviar Extract that helps cells regenerate and rejuvenate. A vibrant, firm and plump skin will re-emerge!
          For all skin types, especially for mature, aging skin (30 years old and above)
            • Caviar Extract stimulates cell regeneration and has powerful restorative properties.
            • Rebuilds, re-plumps and re-firms the skin, resulting in a refined texture and a youthful look
            • Nourishes and energizes the skin
            • Provides instant hydration and helps the skin preserve its optimum moisture balance

    Reasons I like these products:
    The scent of the products are light and fresh. Very nice!
    The exfoliating cleanser has a micro bead texture which is gentle on the skin.
    The mask left my skin feeling smooth and so soft!
    The serums have a cool feeling when applied on the skin which I like!

    b.liv's products were very effective for me and I would highly recommend the products I reviewed!

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    *b.liv products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid to do this review, nor am I affiliated with the brand in any way. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Excellent review Gina! Thanks for the introduction. I hadn't heard of this company before. Love that the products were effective. That says a lot. Have a great day! :D

    1. Thanks Kim. Glad you liked the review!

      xx, Gina

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