18 April 2013

Voesh New York Premium Professional Hand & Foot Mask

Hey Dolls!

Your hands and feet go through a lot and do most of your work throughout the day.  They really can take a beating during the day.  I think they are the most noticeable part of your body.  With these fabulous gloves and socks you can reinvigorate them.  And all of us girls know it's a must to keep our  hands and feet looking gorgeous and feeling soft at all times!
 Here are the two products I tried:
A Premium Line of Hand Mask Gloves (Patent Pending)
Pre-loaded with Collagen and Vitamin E. 
Tested 99% protection to UV rays. 
Pre-cut at the fingertips, so you can keep the gloves on and moisturize your skin while your getting your manicure.

A Premium Line of Foot Mask Socks (Patent Pending)
Pre-loaded with Collagen and Vitamin E. 
Tested 99% protection to UV rays. 
Pre-cut at the toes, so you can keep the socks on and moisturize your skin while your getting your pedicure.

This product is a mask for hands and feet. They are pre-filled with collagen and vitamin E so that it moisturizes the skin.  The finger tip collagen is pre-cut and perforated so you can keep the masks on when you're getting a manicure.  Your manicurist can simply tear off the finger tips without using  scissors to remove.  The masks are made with a material which is UV protective, so if you're doing a UV gel treatment on your nails you can keep the mask on and go under the UV lamp and your hands will be protected.  Such a great idea right?! 

Once I used this product it truly brought life back into my skin!  The gloves and socks helped my skin absorb and retain the collagen and vitamin E.  My hands and feet looked younger and softer the instant I removed the gloves and socks.  The soft floral scent is so calming and nice.  I love it!  I really wished I had a bottle of the product that was inside the gloves and socks.  I would love to be able to put it on all of my skin.  I hope these products make it to my salon soon!

The company had their first initial shipment last week in New York and have distributed the product to local nail salons, and wholesalers this week.  They have already received a lot of positive feedback with great reviews about the products.  Salons are using this product as a new service to their customers. “Deep Moisturizing/ UV Protective Service”.  These products are Patent Pending, and are for professional use.

For more information on this product please visit their Facebook page, VOESH-New-York here.

A big thank you to Vera Ho, Product Marketing Voesh Corp. for being so kind and asking me to test their products. My hands and feet never looked better!

Next time you visit your salon you may want to ask if they are available to try!

*These lovely products were courtesy of Voesh New York Corp., however all opinions are my own.


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  2. Oh wow what an amazing idea! They both sound fantastic, and I'd love to try them! xx

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