11 April 2013

Victoria’s Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm

Hello Lovelies!

I found this lovely little gem while surfing on the Victoria’s Secret website.  The PRO Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm is said to give your lips the V.I.P. treatment.

We all know before applying lipstick it's very important to exfoliate your lips to remove any dry skin.  To me, there is nothing worse than applying a great lipstick, and then notice all kinds of flakes on your lips.  This lip scrub from Victoria's Secret comes with a nourishing lip balm above a gentle sugar scrub.  I absolutely love how convenient the packaging is.  It's small and compact which makes it so easy to throw in your purse.  The balm has a fresh mint scent, and a slight tingling feeling when you apply it.  There is a generous amount of scrub so a little goes a long way.  All you do is scrub your lips for 30 seconds with the scrub, tissue off, and apply the balm for soft, supple, kissable lips! 
Source: Pin Interest/Getty Images

Victoria's Secret Says:
Give your lips the V.I.P. treatment.  Exfoliates and conditions to remove dry skin.  Leaving soft, smooth, kissable lips.  To ensure a perfect pout our pros always prep lips with this sugar scrub and moisture- rich balm before applying color.

I give this product an A+.  I love how this scrub makes my lips feel after I use it.  My lips feel so soft and smooth!  This product defiantly will turn scraggly lips silky!  I highly recommend you give this product a try if you're in need of a great lip scrub!

Where to buy: www.victoriassecret.com. 
Price: $16.00.

Have you tried this product?  What are your favorite lip scrubs?

*This product was purchased by me, and all opinions are my own.


  1. This product is so handy! I needddd to try it. My favorite lip scrub is the Fresh brown sugar one. So good! Great review! xo

    1. Yes, it is a must try! You will really like it. I need to try the Fresh Brown Sugar. I love all lip products! Glad you liked the review hun!

      xx, Gina

  2. I love the look of this, I hope they stock it here in London! xx

  3. Look great-I don't use a lip scrub but I do use a mint chapstick I got from the Atlanta Auto Show and it smells good and it tingles on my lips after a couple of minutes.

  4. Found you through KV's Confessions and now I'm following through Bloglovin! I'm definitely going to have to try this. I have a terrible habit of biting my lips when I'm nervous or stressed so they're always dry and awful. I'm constantly applying chapstick and nothing has helped. This looks like it might do the trick though.