08 March 2013

Lorac Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection

Hello Beauties!

I have some super yummy lip glosses to share with you that smell good enough to eat!  The Lorac Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection is a new favorite for me.  I'm a girl that is completely obsessed with lip products, especially lip glosses, and I'm so in love with this collection of glosses.  The box is inspired by a box of chocolates and is absolutely adorable!  The gold and diamond-etched caps with clear tubes are gorgeous!   
Each of the six sheer, shiny glosses in the set are named after sweet treats, like Sugar Plum and Creme Brulee, YUM!, and they smell and taste like them, too. The scents and flavors are so delicious!  In addition to the great flavors and scents, LORAC loaded these with antioxidant-rich botanicals and vitamins C and E to help nourish and protect your lips for a luscious pout!  But they kept out the parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan.
Candy Apple, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Frosted Gumdrop, Sugar Plum

Candy Apple~  bright warm red with red shimmer. 
Butterscotch~  medium peachy shimmer. 
Creme Brulee~  light pink shimmer. 
Cotton Candy~  medium warm pink shimmer.
Frosted Gumdrop~ bright pink shimmer. 
Sugar Plum~ bright berry shade.
I’m very happy with the set, and just love them!  Perfect color palate for winter, but these can be worn into the spring and summer as well. These high shine, high shimmer glosses do not disappoint!

If you would like to try these luscious lip glosses for yourself check them out here.

If you have tried these glosses what did you think of them?


  1. Gorgeous lip glosses, I want to try these out.

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