25 September 2012

YouthH20, Age Defying Energy Shot

Hi Dolls!

I'm always game to try new things, and recently I was given a 1-month supply of YouthH2O, the (age defying energy shots).  Don't worry this product is not like one of those Monster energy drinks at all.  These lovely little shots help your body from the inside out, and trust me, a shot a day will do your body good!
YouthH20 is packed full of vitamin C, vitamins B12 and B6, Niacin, Folic Acid and other natural antioxidants. Each shot is 2oz. with 19 calories and no fat. You take the 2oz. shot five times a week for 3 weeks, take a week off, and then begin the process over.  The company states that at the end of two to three weeks you will feel more energy, have improved collagen production and boosted immunity and metabolism.  I have been taking YouthH20 for 3 weeks now and I totally notice a difference in my energy throughout the day, I have no problem focusing on things I'd rather not be doing, my skin is soft and has a glow about it, reduced body fat, and I have less acne breakouts. However, I did not notice any help with reducing my PMS symptoms, but it may help with women who have less PMS symptoms.  And last but not least, YouthH20 is caffeine free!  
If you're interested in having more energy, and glowing skin, you can find out more information on this great product by visiting their website at http://youthh2o.com/.

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