11 September 2012

Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder

Hi Dolls!
I must admit instant results make me happy when it comes to my beauty/hair routine.
Dry shampoo is a product I always have handy. This stuff is indispensable for those of us that want to be able to go another day without blow drying, or are just too lazy to wash it. My usual has been Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, but I just got one of Bumble and bumble’s colored hair powders in brown, and while there’s a big price difference, Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo is $17.95 for a 3.4 oz size, and Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder will set you back $35.00 for a 4.4 oz size, there’s also a pretty big difference in performance.

This Bumble and bumble product is a bit of a multi-tasker.  It soaks up grease in your hair really well, allowing you to get an extra day or so from a wash, and because it’s pigmented it works great at covering up roots between dye-jobs. You can also use it to give your  hair volume in the crown area.  I just love that because it save me from having to tease my hair to get that volume.  If your hair is freshly washed you could use a little to give it a bit of hold and style, giving you that second day hair feel.  For me, second day hair always styles and looks better.
Any bad points? Yes: because of the brown pigment it can get a little messy on your hands when you rub the powder into your hair at the roots.  Also, be careful while spraying this product cause you could end up with brown stuff all over.  Price is another issue too, but providing you're not using it every day, a can should last you a while. 
All in all, I give Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder a thumbs up!  This product comes in five shades:  blondish, white, red, brown, and black, which means there is a powder for all hair colors!
If you're wanting to give it a try, it's available at salons nationwide, Sephora Stores,  Sephora.com, and on their website at www.bumbleandbumble.com. 


  1. Interesting! I haven't tried dry shampoo spray yet. My daughters love it. I might borrow some of theirs and give it a try. Thanks for this review. Stacie xo

  2. I also wanted to try dry shampoo. :) Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, Chamee of http://misslitratista.blogspot.com

  3. OOh I really want to try the powder. When I straighten my hair it just has no volume at the roots.
    Great post.

  4. hello im a new follower from http://stylishbloggerista.blogspot.com your blog is so pretty i love it! did you pay to have someone design it? i was wondering if you could maybe reccomend a site that designs blogs. im new to blogging.. my designing skills arent so great haha :)

  5. thank u for following my blog, I just step by on your amazingly cute and pretty pastel blog and I am stunned with this colors, posts, everything :) :)