22 August 2012

nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Collection

Hi Dolls!
nuNAAT has a fabulous collection of hair care products for every hair type.  I was excited when I received the opportunity to try out their products.  I'm a fan of the Brazilian keratin treatments and products so needless to say the name caught my attention, and I knew it was a must try and review!
I received all five items of the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin hair care line to review.
The line includes:
  • Deep Conditioning Shampoo - Formulated with mild surfactants, Green Keratin and amino acids, all of which provide deep cleansing without being abrasive. Designed for daily use. Sodium chloride free.
  • Deep Conditioner -  Contains high-capacity conditioning ingredients so hair is easily untangled. Our exclusive formula contains Green Keratin and amino acids. Reduces frizz and tames unruly hair. Designed for daily use.
  • NAAT Intensive Hair Mask -  Apply after hair has been shampooed and rinsed in place of normal conditioner. The mask will intensely hydrate and repair hair fibers. Leave in for 10-20 minutes, then rinse well. To make hair even smoother, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner can be added to ends of hair after Intensive Hair Mask has been rinsed out. Use every one or two weeks, as necessary.
  • NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Re-constructor - A non-rinse formula. Once a desired amount is applied to hair, leave in for a few minutes before blow-drying as usual. A flat iron seals hair cuticles, causing the keratin to effectively penetrate hair fibers. Designed for frequent use, or as needed.
  • NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine - Our special silicone formula creates a film that protects hair against environmental damage, keeping it moisturized and providing extra conditioning, more shine and increased flexibility. This styling product can be used on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount and distribute evenly. Use as often as desired.
After I used the shampoo along with the intensive Hair Mask, I could tell a big difference in my hair.  My hair felt soft, silky, and so shiny, and wow, did my hair look healthy!  Just look at the photo below of the girl on their site.  Doesn't her hair look amazing?! 

The smell of beauty products may not be important to most, but for me it is a must when my hair smells good.  The nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin products smell absolutely wonderful!  It's very light, and girly.  The scent stayed most of the day, which really impressed me. Loved it!

My favorite product of the line is the Intensive Hair Mask. This conditioner works wonders on my colored-treated hair.  This deep reconstructing hair mask really helped control any frizz that can occur during the summer heat.  What a plus for me!  Another plus is nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin hair care products are formaldehyde and sodium-free and are made with pure green vegan keratin which it is said to actually help heal your hair!

For more information on this fabulous line of hair care products you can visit their website here.

Disclaimer: These product were sent to me for review purpose, and all opinions are my own.  


  1. I had never heard of this product before, it looks very interesting I guess I should give it a try sometime. Thanks for the review! You have a great blog.


  2. Love reading your reviews, I will try this product specially the NAAT Intensive Hair Mask I never heart that before (need to get out more often I guess hehehehe) anyhow I follow you back on GFC and BLOGLOVIN and I hope you can follow me back on Bloglovin too! thank you so much xx

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  3. I have never heard of these before! I'm so glad you reviewed them... I should try the hair mask since my hair is super unhealthy! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog--DEF following you now :) Hopefully you have time to stop by mine too :)
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  4. Awesome! Thanks so much for the great reviews! I have never heard if these before now! They sound fabulous!


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