21 July 2012

Firmoo.com Sunglasses Review

Hi Dolls!
I'm a girl that must have a pair of sunglasses.  I hate the glare of the sun in my eyes if I do not have a pair of sunglasses on especially when I'm driving.  I try to always have a pair of sunglasses in my car and in my handbag because It never fails that I will at one point forget where I put them.  Recently Firmoo.com gave me the opportunity to review a pair of their sunglasses.  I chose a classis and chic Style.  My sunglasses came with a hard case,  eyeglass bag, microfiber cleaning cloth, glasses screwdriver, and extra screws.  These sun glasses retail for $40.00.
I really like the design and fit of these sunglasses.  They fit my face really well and do not slide off.  The lenses are shaded perfectly, nice and dark.  I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of these sunglasses!  Here is a description of the sunglasses from the their website.

"With large nearly-square lenses, these clean-cut and cool frames can be easily worn with progressive or single-vision lenses.  Coming in classic black with tastefully decorated arms, they make a perfect fashion statement for style lovers.  Stay super cool with these sunglasses".
Firmoo (www.firmoo.com) is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store.  Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way is the ultimate goal of Firmoo, so it has always committed itself to providing customers with high-quality and fashionable eye wear at the most affordable prices.  Also, there are more than 300 styles to choose from.  Firmoo launched a program offering free eye wear to first-time buyers in order to make more people try Firmoo’s quality products & excellent service.  Plus, it’s easy to get your free eye wear, and the delivery is pretty fast!  Want to have a try?  Just go to http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html to get your free pair!  
You can also connect with Firmoo on Facebook and Twitter.


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  2. I have a similar Firmoo sunglasses. Love it to bits. My review is coming soon! Visit me!! :)

  3. I usually opt for light makeup when I'm wearing my glasses too - they are thicker frames and so I don't want to overwhelm my face with heavy eyes. And I'm really

    interested in that firmoo site but when I try to open it I get all kinds of crazy warnings from my computer about how it's a suspect site...was that your experience with

    visiting it?

    Visit This Site

    1. That's strange. I have never had that problem with their site. It works fine every time I go into it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.